Tunnel Rat - A 3d memory game

This is a game where you use/memorize a static map to navigate a randomly generated maze like structure. The map have two location marked, one in red and one in green. You start at the red square. And you have to get to the green square, where the game ends. The sole purpose of this game is to assess or enhance your spatial orientation and memory. Select the size of your the path and press start to begin. If you find the maze to be overly difficult or overly easy, just press the 'restart with another maze' button to instantly try another one.

Controls: w - forward, s - backward, 'a' and 'd' keys to turn. left and right keys to side step/strafe. You can also use mouse to look around.

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You can play this game with your friends over the Internet. Just start a multiplayer game, and share the game id with your friends so that they can join. The world size from the single player dialog will be used here as well. You can also start a single player game, and convert it to a multiplayer using "Convert to multiplayer" button and providing a playername to use in multiplayer. This also gives you a chance to review the map and regenerate it if required, before starting the multiplayer session. During multiplayer, the map will display location of your friends, but not your own location.
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Made by sras