The root of all Existence

Here I am trying to describe a model of reality and existence, that does not leave room for questions like, what came before, what caused it, what is its purpose etc. So here goes nothing...

We start with the axiom that we are conscious beings and we exist, and the known and unknown laws of nature have lead to our existence. We also know that our world is made up of particles. Each of these particles have a location that is described by three spatial dimensions and one time dimension, x, y, z and t.

We can imagine the set of all functions that takes four arguments and return a boolean value to describe such a four dimensional reality, by interpreting the four arguments as the four dimensions and the boolean value to be indicating the presence of a particle at that location in the reality defined by the function.

So in general, we can think of a function that takes n arguments and return a boolean value to be describing an n dimensional reality. For the time being let us limit our consideration to the set of such functions where n is 4.

Imagine that we have a computer that can take one of these function and can render the world described by it on a monitor, by progressing the value of t aka time.

For most functions in this set, we see nothing interesting.

But for some, we see that the particles in the rendered world behave similarly to the particles in our real world. Some particles appear to attract each other, while others appear to repel each other, like the charged particles behave in our reality. Also in this world we see that most of the particles attract each other, just like force of gravity causes them to attract in the real world.

Thus we can imagine a subset of R, Rl that contain functions that describe realities that implements all the known and unknown laws of our real world. Let r0 be an element of Rl.

When we look at r0 being rendered on the computer monitor, we see stars and planets forming in them, and eventually, conscious life forming in one of the planets.

Conscious beings in this rendered world will observe an apple falling down, and will conclude that it fell down because the planet pulled it down. But we who are looking the this rendered world know that it fell down because that is just how the function happen to describe the apple in that slice of time. The planet didn't pull the apple any more than the y axis of a graph pulls a parabola to it.

Thus the inhabitants of this world will have the illusion of causality.

But we know that by the way the world is described by the function, no event that happen in it can influence, or cause any other event in it. In other words, all events that happen in it are independent, and is solely described by r0.

As we saw earlier, in the world described by r0, we see conscious beings. Let us for a moment, imagine that their consciousness is the result of the particular configuration of the particles in their brain.

We know that this configuration is not the result of anything that happen out there in that reality, and it is solely described by the function r0. This means that if you limit the rendering of this reality, to just the particles in their brains, the beings in it will still have the sensation of a full reality.

But we know that consciousness cannot be caused by the particles in their brains. So what if we stopped rendering the particles of their brains as well? Since we know that the consciousness could not be caused by the configuration of particles in their brains, the mere existence of r0 must be causing it.

Thus we can see that r0 just by being defined, can lead to the experience of conscious beings with the sensation and memory of an entire universe.


In this model, we can see that nothing exist outside of the consciousness. In fact, the consciousness does not perceive objects in it, but the perception is built-in. Existence cannot be absolute, and can only be defined within the confines of realities that harbour consciousness.

And of course, there is no God in this model, unless you want to call the function r0 that defines our reality to be the God.

Time travel

Time travel could be considered as possible or impossible, depending on how you want to look at it. If some being in an r0 defined reality can figure out r0 itself, then they look into arbitrarily points in space and time.

An interesting thought experiment is to consider the possibility of a being in r0 defined reality, figuring out r0 itself. Then it is possible for it to look into future and possibly alter it. This might seem to be a hole in this model, but actually, it can be resolved if we consider true r0 for a reality cannot be figured by looking at the past only, and require information of the future as well. And any function r0' that a being in the reality thinks is true r0, (because it can accurately look into past), could be one that shares only the past, but not the future, and could actually show them a future which causes them some action which result in a future that is described by true r0.

So basically, the beings inside the reality will perceive it to be true time travel and have the illusion of having altered the future.

Origin of Life

The chances of some molecules coming together to form the fundamental building blocks of life is often considered too slim to happen within the known spatial and temporal dimensions of our universe. But in this model, we are only limited by the possible realities that are implemented by r0 like functions, which are truly infinite.

Alternate realities

If the realities allow randomness to co-exist with conciousness, then it is possible that multiple realities can exist, with exactly same laws of nature, but with different histories.

For this we just need to introduce a fifth argument to the r0, and this argument will govern the "random" behavior that beings inside the reality observe. Since this argument can have an infinite number of values, there can be infinite realities with infinite histories.

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