The root of all Existence

Here I am trying to describe a model of reality and existence, that does not leave room for questions like, what came before, what caused it, what is its purpose etc. So here goes nothing...

We start with the facts that we are conscious beings and that we exist, and the known and unknown laws of nature have lead to our existence. Then let us assume, for simplicity, that everything is made up of particles and each of these particles have three spatial co-ordinates, that describes where the particle is located in space, and one time co-ordinate that describe when the particle exist.

Imagine a mathematical function, that takes four arguments and return a boolean value. Among the four arguments, three are for the three spatial co-ordinates, and one for the time dimension, and the boolean value returned, indicate the presence of a particle at that point in space and time. If the function returns true, then a particle exists there, and if it returned false, there is no particle at that point in space at that time.

We can see that such a function can describe any configuration or arrangement of particles, in an infinite space at any given time. You just need to keep time argument fixed, and iterate through all the available spatial co-ordinates. When you do that, you will know where particles exist when the function returned true for the co-ordinates.

When you change the value of time argument, this world rendered by the function can also change. In short, this function can describe world of particles, spanning infinite space and time. And there are an infinite ways such a function, can be defined.

Obviously most of such functions will be describing un-interesting worlds. But maybe, some among them will describe worlds where particles behaves in a regular fashion, as if obeying some laws. And may be among these functions, there is one that describes a world where the particles obey the exact laws that the particles obey in the world that we find ourselves in.

Let us call this particular function g. Since we have started with the assumptions that we exist, and the laws of nature has lead to the our own existence, it only follows that in this world described by the g, it will ultimately harbour conscious life, because it obeys the same laws. Conscious beings in this world will observe an apple falling down, and will conclude that it fell down because the planet pulled it down. But for an external observer it will appear that it fell down because that is just how the function happen to describe the apple in that slice of time. The planet didn't pull the apple any more than the y axis of a graph pulls a parabola to it.

Thus the inhabitants of this world will have the illusion of causality.

As we saw earlier, in the world described by g, we see conscious beings. Let us for a moment, imagine that their consciousness is the result of the particular configuration of the particles in their brains. We know that this configuration is not the result of anything that happen out there in that reality, and it is solely described by the function g. This means that if you limit the rendering of this reality, to just the particles in their brains, the beings in it will still have the sensation of a full external reality.

Going further we can argue that since nothing in this world can be caused by anything else in it, we can eliminate the possibility that the consciousness being the result of the configuration of the particles in their brains. Instead, it should only be caused by the function g.

Thus we can see that the function g just by being defined, just by existing, can lead to the experience of conscious beings with the sensation and memory of an entire universe. Since g is a mathematical entity, there is no room for questions like when did it start, who made it etc.

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